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Air pollution threatening your kids

by Staff Correspondent
Air pollution and kids

Udipt Nidhi | The TrickyScribe: Harrowing times await young couples who’ve turned parents recently as the soaring air pollution may take its toll on their sleep.

Being considered away and thereby aloof from air pollution notwithstanding, the toddlers continue to remain the worst affected lot when it comes to the damage inflicted by the pollutants.

Respiratory Rates

Respiratory Rates, Credit: ACMT

The Worst Affected Lot

Kids are high risk of toxicity from the toxins inhaled all thanks to their pulmonary physiology. They actually have higher minute ventilatory rate, giving them higher doses of toxins as compared to adults, according to a research conducted by American College of Medical Toxicology.

Indian Context

Polluted air is a potential threat for kid’s health and is an issue in recent times. This threat can broadly be attributed to the immature immune system they have. That apart, the requirement of schools, coaching classes and sports activities, flock them outside. In their bid to playing outdoor sports in evening, the children, leave themselves exposed to ground-level ozone. This puts them at a three times increased risk of contracting asthma.

“The air we breathe comes bundled with particulate matter. The same mixture comes in the lungs of children when inhaled. Children breathe in 1.5 times more air per pound of body weight as compared to the adults and hence higher amount of pollutants,” said Programme Manager, UNICEF, Ghanshyam Mishra.

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Where We Stand?

The same stands true for India. While maintaining children are vulnerable to air pollution, Mishra told The TrickyScribe that the pulmonary functions of the children deteriorate with the influx of ozone and sulphate particles in the air they breathe.

Risks to the Unborns

Air pollution may also cause premature delivery, miscarriage and a child with low birth-weight, claimed Mishra. An infant may developed the tendency of some severe chronic disease like asthma.  That apart, the fetus may also concentrate toxins, including the lethal carboxyhemoglobin, attain blood pressures higher than the mother.

The Way Ahead

Air pollution, being a global threat, is an issue that goes beyond an individual control. It requires a wholehearted and coordinated action of community and governments. Planning and implementation of pollution control measures can be prescribed.

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