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DigiGST™ to provide end-to-end GST compliance support

by Staff Correspondent

EY, the leading global professional services organization, announced in New Delhi on Thursday the launch of DigiGST™, its integrated GSP-ASP solution that provides organizations with end-to-end GST compliance support.

DigiGST™ is hosted on the highly secure Microsoft Azure platform and combines EY’s tax domain expertise, technology capabilities and deep sector knowledge.


  • DigiGST™ is a unique technology tool from EY that integrates services of both Application Service Provider (ASP) and GST Suvidha Provider (GSP).
  • Combines EY’s tax domain expertise, technology capabilities and sector knowledge.
  • Hosted on the highly secure local Microsoft Azure cloud in India with a multi-layered security architecture for greater resilience.
  • Scalable and flexible infrastructure capable of handling large volumes of transactions and unpredictable data patterns.
  • Offers 24/7 and 365 days monitoring and control of data security by two ISO 27001 certified EY Security Operations Centres (SOCs) in Chennai and Trivandrum.

(Credit: EY) 

“The launch of GST is perhaps India’s most significant and complex economic reform the largest yet most complex change in the world and technology will play a critical role in this transformation journey. DigiGST™ combines our tax knowledge and technology expertise in a way that it adds value to businesses, helping them fully realize the benefits of GST while meeting compliance requirements in the most digital or user-friendly way”, said Chairman, EY India, Rajiv Memani.

The GST Network (GSTN) will be the technology backbone of the new GST regime and it is estimated that over 8 million taxpayers will upload in excess of 3 billion invoices in a month on the GSTN. This is unique to India’s GST network as this level of transaction volume has not been managed in any other tax governance system anywhere in the world.

DigiGST™ is built on a fault tolerant and secure Microsoft Azure cloud platform that has the world’s best standards for cloud privacy. This solution uses intelligent tax automation supported by industry-specific algorithms and a reliable and resilient technology platform capable of handling a large volume of transaction data.

Chief Operating Officer, Microsoft India, Bertrand Launay, said, “Microsoft Azure cloud offers the most consistent, familiar and stable environment through local data centers for EY’s intelligent tax automation tool, DigiGST™. It ensures the protection of business-critical data with managed cloud backups and disaster recovery as a built- in service. Microsoft Azure is ISO/IEC 27018 certified and has the world’s first code of practice for cloud privacy. Its multi-level security and flexibility will further support the scalability and resilience of the DigiGST™ solution.”

“Tax compliance work in India has hitherto been about manual extraction and processing of transaction data and submitting returns to the tax authority in a prescribed manner. This is set to change with GST. Built by our professionals with deep tax domain and sector knowledge in collaboration with our technology experts, DigiGST™ helps businesses optimize the benefits of GST. We have the largest pool of Indirect Tax (IDT) professionals powered by over 800 GST practitioners across 14 cities. India’s GST is the biggest and most ambitious digital tax reform carried out by any country, making DigiGST™, the largest intelligent tax automation project of EY anywhere in the world”, said Partner and National Tax Leader, EY India, Sudhir Kapadia.

EY’s GSP will connect with the GSTN system seamlessly over a secured leased-line and upload taxpayer data in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format using Application Programming Interface (APIs) and the license key accorded by the GSTN. EY ASP will provide all the value-added services to make GST compliance easier. Only GSPs and ASPs together can provide seamless end-to-end GST compliance services to taxpayers. The DigiGST™ uses robust in-memory multilevel reconciliation for timely error detection and appropriate credit availment to taxpayers thereby reducing their working capital blockage.

“Today, organizations are faced with the challenge of ensuring robust GST compliance and governance while their internal and external systems stabilize, as they prepare for the GST rollout. Our DigiGST™ solution is purpose-built to offer timely GST compliance of a company’s entire business ecosystem including supply-side vendors and delivery, including distribution partners. This solution is designed to be scalable and flexible to handle the large data volumes expected to flow through the system in traffic patterns that are likely to be uneven and unpredictable. DigiGST is also highly customizable with a rules engine that can adjust to a company’s sector and structural complexities including tax positions”, said Partner and Indirect Tax Leader, EY India, Harishanker Subramaniam.

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