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Keep the forces out of it

by TrickyScribe
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“The more you sweat in peace, less you bleed in war”

Ancient Chinese Proverb

The recent drill of Indian Army and subsequent politicisation of issue leaves the maxim in tatters. With furore launched by Mamata Banerjee over the deployment of Army in West Bengal has brought Indian politics on all new all time low.

Army deployment has been questioned by many and has to be answered categorically.

The social media too responded to the situation accordingly and was thronged initially by posts with #nabanna, #MamataCoupCharge and #secretariat hashtags. Later trended the tags: #FrustratedMamata, #AntiNationalsExposed and #DontPoliticiseArmy.

Major General Sunil Yadav, GoC of Bengal area, in an official statement, categorically denied the allegations and said that the exercise was not carried out in vacuum and the authorities concerned were well informed. That apart, he said, initially the exercise was planned to be conducted from November 28 to November 30, but was postponed on account of Bharat Band.

Secondly, the West Bengal was not only state where exercise was conducted it was done in the entire North Eastern region. Similar exercises were carried out earlier in Bihar, Jharkhand and UP from September 26 to October 1. It was only cynical of Didi who tried to politicise the issue. This was part of annual routine to ascertain the availability of transport carriers in case of National emergency.

Defence of India Act, 1971:

The Act mandates Government to empower services to carry out impressments of vessels, aircrafts, vehicles, etc. to conduct military operations efficiently. The annual exercise is part of standby preparedness for the same.

Did we forget the debacle of 1962? It was largely because the incompetent leadership in planning, preparedness and execution put on display by the trio of Nehru-Menon- Lieutenant General B M Kaul.

Do we want a repetition? If not, shouldn’t army have a gauge that how much of civilian vehicles are available in hand and could be used for logistical support? How can one doubt this aspect for better preparedness? Don’t we prepare for our exams or job interviews?

Let’s not drag Army into it:

Mudslinging on the political spectrum has become a routine but it has come to all time low recently. By dragging Army while targeting party holding New Delhi; opposition is ruining its own chances. With mass recruitment base in the hinterland, Army and its retired command respect in the popular perception.

Indian Army has always been an apolitical force loyal to the Republic and respectful to the Democratic ethos of the country.

Latest issue along with the demand for the video of surgical strike, opposition is transgressing the Lakshman Rekha while questioning the credibility of the intention of the Armed Forces, thereby, failing in its test of credibility.

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