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Solar Solutions Exhibition to Showcase Highend PV Innovation

by Staff Correspondent
Solar Solutions Exhibition to Showcase Highend PV Innovation

The TrickyScribe: The Dutch PV extravaganza has now taken the shape of an international event due to the increasing number of big players attracted to the Netherland’s PV market, and the high level of professionalization that has been reached by the local ecosystem of installers and distributors. Although a few uncertainties on the possible changes of the current regulatory framework are suggesting caution, solar across all of its segments is clearly set to become a mainstream source of energy nationwide due to Solar Solutions Exhibition, the Netherlands.


Solar Solutions Exhibition (SSE), which plays a crucial part in energy exhibition of Western Europe, is all set to kickstart on March 19 and will continue till March 21. Even the last season of SSE was thronged by thousands of visitors including producers, importers, resellers, installers, property- and project owners. Notably, many of new products and emerging technologies are all set to be announced this time.

Of them, one is Sofar solar, currently one of the Top Five Chinese string inverter companies that secured pole position in energy storage inverters. Sofar Solar will launch latest generation inverter model christened as Sofar 1-3.3kW-G3.

The G3 inverter has milky white appearance, simple & sleek design that can integrate better into the home environment bringing in modern science and to owners. Besides, it fully customizes modular hardware system. Smart use of internal space, close arrangement of rules and reasonable optimization of internal space make the whole machine smaller in size and also lighter in weight. They boast one-hand installation for the installers.


What is more, the G3 inverter has a unique core design and vital components from choicest world famous brands ensuring long service life. The G3 inverter owns 97.7% max efficiency and has ultrahigh switching frequency design, wide input voltage range, DC support 1.4 times over,to improve machine performance and increase user revenue.

As well as providing customers with higher quality inverter,the chassis of inverter is designed with all aluminium and the input, output and communication interfaces are designed with lightning protection,the whole machine has IP65.

Finally, the G3 inverter with all rich communication ports, such as WiFi, GPRS, Ethernet and RS485 can be selected flexibly to realize intelligent control, which help user keeping track of the operation of the power station at any time by download the Solarman APP.

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