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Three more STPs dedicated to Bengaluru

by Staff Correspondent
Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah

Three Japan-funded sewage treatment plants (STPs) commissioned in Karnataka capital Bengaluru kitty adding a combined sewage treatment capacity of 6.5 crore litre daily.

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah | Photo Credit: Google

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah dedicated the newly constructed Raja Canal, Nagasandra and Chikkabanavara STPs to the Bangaloreans. The STPs, funded by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), are expected to treat the sewage generated by over 5 lakhs people in Bengaluru.

With these working, the total capacity of JICA-funded STPs will sum up to treating 3.5 million people’s sewage, which covers more than one third of the total Bengaluru population.

Speaking about the aim of the project, senior representative, JICA India, Takayoshi Tange, said, “JICA assistance is aimed at comprehensive development of water supply and sewerage infrastructure so as to meet the ever increasing needs of citizens of Bengaluru.”

JICA assistance contributes to improving the quality of life by improving the standards and quality of water and sanitation services including effectiveness and efficiency along with focusing on institutional development of Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB), he added.

The completion of the construction of the STPs is the starting point, and stable service delivery with good operation and maintenance to realize better quality of life are keys to success of the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Project, Tange said.

Reiterating JICA’s resolve of extending continuous support and engagement for betterment of water and sanitation services in Bengaluru, Tange said there are furthermore STPs in construction under the overall Project, which JICA expects that the related authorities would give full support so that BWSSB could smoothly complete them with great quality.

The loan provided by JICA for the project is ¥ 28,358 million (approximately Rs 1,700 crore). The cumulative loan commitment for water supply and sewerage projects in Bengaluru is for about twenty years, amounting to ¥ 98,807 million (approximately Rs 6,000 crore).

The Project has total commissioning of 10 STPs, out of which 4 has been inaugurated and the remaining 6 are expected to be inaugurated soon. These projects are being implemented by BWSSB, Government of Karnataka. Phase II-2 Project assists rehabilitation of sewer network, reduction of Non-Revenue Water (NRW), installation of Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system which enables remote control and monitoring of the facilities, and consulting services to the Project as well as to BWSSB.

It may be mentioned here that components such as a slum development, raising awareness of the residents, along with installation of water distribution and sewerage infrastructure, and together with a focus on women’s participation are supported by JICA for comprehensive measures for sustainable water sector development.

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