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Wrath of the Little Boy (Bombing of Hiroshima)

by Staff Correspondent
Hiroshima Mushroom Cloud
Fukunaga Masaaki

Fukunaga Masaaki

Fukunaga Masaaki | The TrickyScribe: Hell was broken loose on the twin cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 72 years back! It was 8.15 in the morning when Little Boy was dropped on Hiroshima unleashing roiling mushroom cloud.

Pika—the penetrating flash, extreme radiation and heat. Don—the earth-shattering roar and blast. As the blackness lifts, the scenes emerging into view reveal countless scattered corpses charred beyond recognition even as man or woman.

Stepping between the charred corpses, nearly naked figures with blackened faces, singed hair, and tattered, dangling skin wander through spreading flames, looking for water.

Remembering the victims of the first-ever Nuclear War, Mayor, City of Hiroshima, Matsui Kazumi, said on Sunday that the rivers were then filled with dead bodies; the riverbanks so crowded with severely burnt, half-naked victims leaving no place to step.

Hiroshima Mushroom Cloud

Hiroshima Mushroom Cloud, Credit: Google

Describing the aftermath as nothing less than the hell, Kazumi said under that mushroom cloud, the atomic bomb brought gruesome death to vast numbers of innocent civilians and left those it didn’t kill with deep physical and emotional scars, including the aftereffects of radiation and endless health fears. It devastated even the lives of those who managed to survive.

Holding the Nukes responsible for the entire episode, Kazumi said this hell is not a thing of the past. As long as nuclear weapons exist and policymakers threaten their use, their horrors would intrude our present any fine morning.

Civil society understands that nuclear weapons are useless for national security. The dangers involved in controlling nuclear materials are widely understood.

A single nuclear device can wield thousands of times the destructive power of the bombs dropped 72 years ago. Use of such weapons would plunge the entire world into hell, the user as well as the enemy.

Use of nuclear weapons would plunge the entire world into the Purgatory, the user as well as the enemy. Humankind must never commit such an act. Thus, we can accurately say that possessing nuclear weapons means nothing more than spending enormous sums of money to endanger all humanity.

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