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Earth sciences no longer boring! #SOS

by Staff Correspondent
Operational SOS; credit: Udipt Nidhi

Animated high-resolution images to explain complex environmental processes

The TrickyScribe: Imagine watching Earth revolve in front of your eyes! Live globe, depicting celestial bodies not just a painted model. From viewing the clouds to the movement of ocean currents, Science on a Sphere (SOS) is the latest hot pick drawing the attention of even those who earlier found earth sciences boring.

With a view to promoting scientific temperament, researchers at National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) developed SOS as an educational tool to help illustrate Earth System to people of all ages. It is an instrument to enhance informal educational programs in science centers, universities and science museums across the globe. Find the global list of SOS locations here!

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Animated high-resolution images of atmospheric storms, climate change and ocean temperature sourced from the constellation of NASA satellites are also displayed on the said sphere, which can be used to explain complex environmental processes, in simultaneously intuitive and captivating way.

After Nagpur, SOS in Patna!

Operational SOS unit; credit: Udipt Nidhi

Operational SOS unit; credit: Udipt Nidhi

Following the footsteps of Nagpur, the land of legendary mathematician-astronomer, Aryabhatta, Patna is all set to become the latest entrant to the elite SOS club, if sources are to be believed. The Patna unit is likely to be operational within a fortnight or so. The Patna one will accommodate as many as 75 viewers at a go.

Special Features

With this operational, Patnaites will have access to special features including wind, water & mountains, see the sea, experience the change: sea level rise, experience the change: extreme weather and tracking a tropical cyclone.

It may be mentioned here that the SOS includes an auditorium with a globe in the center, surrounded by high-end projectors and by seats for the audience. The globe is suspended from the ceiling with the help of thin wires, which are not visible to the visitors, so as to render a feeling of a floating globe.

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How does it work?

Analogous to a giant animated globe, a 6-feet diameter opaque globe outside of which four projectors project seamless video has been developed as an educational tool to demonstrate the complexities earth sciences and astronomy in a simplified way.

Four projectors placed in the four corners of the room continuously project images on to the globe, albeit in a seamless manner, with the help of pre-installed data sets. This globe brings in real-time data from anywhere in the world, including sun, moon and the planets.


For installation instructions, contact SOS Program Manager, John Schneider.

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