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OLED to endure repeated bending

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Grapheme to impart repeated bending stress endurance

The new OLED panel developed by Korean researchers can be rolled up like a newspaper. The highlight is that it can remain highly efficient in spite of repeated bending. This means that the new flexible OLED technology can be used in varied wearable monitors.

Combined research
The combined research squad headed by Yoo Seung-hyup, a professor at the School of Electrical Engineering of KAIST, and Lee Tae-woo, a professor at Department of Materials Science and Engineering of POSTECH declared that they have come up with a highly efficient, flexible OLED panel with the ability to endure repeated bending stresses with the help of a dream material known as grapheme.


At present, flexible OLED technology can be found curved edges of TVs as well as smartphones. However, in the true sense, they are not really flexible since their shape is fixed.

Flexible OLEDs ought to be strong enough to fulfill the real-life demands of end-users and so researchers have come up with solutions to uphold its performance even after several times of folding and unfolding to create a monitor that might be attached to clothes into a pocket.

New flexible OLED technology can endure repeated bending

The study team employed a stack structure comprising of manifold layers of conductive polymers, titanium oxides and graphenes to OLED with the aim to overcome boundaries of light transmission. The elastic titanium oxide can tolerate four times higher strain as compared to the current transparent oxide electrodes.

The researchers also succeeded in raising the display brightness by making the most of the resonance within OLED. Resonance is an occurrence that displays a strong response to particular frequency windows and laser is a perfect example of resonance.
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