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Designed ergonomically, idMASK2 claims to filter out 95% of pollutants

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Air pollution and kids

The TrickyScribe: Nirvana Being, a pioneer in innovative products and solutions for protection against indoor and outdoor air pollution announced the launch of idMASK2 for adults and kids. State of the air quality in India, in our urban settlements, is already known. The highly elevated levels of nanoparticles called PM2.5 make it very risky to engage in active sports.

When one is active, not only does the volume of inhaled air go up, but they push pollutants deeper into their lungs. Here comes idMASK2 into the picture. Sturdy and comfortable activity masks use patented, advanced technology; with electrostatic cloud filters that capture pollution particles from PM2.5 down to PM0.3, with almost no breathing resistance. Designed ergonomically, idMASK2 comes with a superior silicone seal to fit well on the user’s face. The mask claims to filter out 95% of particles and the large surface area of the filter aids in comfortable air flow.

The light-weight mask; uses a hard-rugged plastic cover that is shatter resistant, with a tight airlock, and replaceable filters. The unusually shaped mask is easy to wear with adjustable elastic straps. The patented three-layer facial seal technology assures a comfortable air-tight seal which is the key highlight of this product. The velvety soft, thin and flexible silicone facial seal easily adjusts to the facial movements. It assures natural and comfortable breathing even as the user talks without compromising the air-tight seal. The bright color range used for the masks and the straps give it a sporty and trendy look.

Though these masks are for everyone, they are devised especially for use while engaging in intensive activities like running, bicycling, soccer, tennis, cricket, golf or any other active sport, given their excellent performance. Besides ensuring protection from all air pollutants, these masks are extremely convenient to wear. The mask sits off of the user’s face so there is no lung restriction as there is a pocket of air inside the mask that’s already filtered.

Commenting on the launch, Founder, Nirvana Being, Jai Dhar Gupta, said “As a sports person and as a parent, every time my boys or I would engage in sports in Delhi’s air, I would be deeply concerned. Not anymore – with the idMask2, I have been running outdoors again, the past six weeks, after a gap of four years, and I feel absolutely safe and secure. Sport is absolutely essential for growth and development; with the idMask2 I am ecstatic that kids and adults will have the highest level of protection – while we work on a broader change to make our ambient air safe again.”

The masks are available in three sizes including small for children, medium and large for adults. They can be used with or without a shield and have replaceable filters. The recommended filter life is six to eight weeks if used for an average of one-hour daily for activity.

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